The core solution for your specific business needs

We seek to understand the main problems of each sector and find the best way to solve them, developing specific applications for different industries.

We believe that business software should adapt to the needs of each client and not the other way around. Our mission is to understand what your company needs and adapt our solution to your specific needs and processes.


100% Cloud

It allows you to focus your resources on growth, without the need for maintenance and investment in infrastructure.

Cloud Computing means that your company’s infrastructure, storage data and applications are provided as a service over the Internet, in a completely transparent manner. Cloud allows your users to store and manage all their information in a way that is accessible, secure and easy to maintain.

Instead of making a large investment in your own infrastructure, the Cloud allows you to share the same infrastructure for hundreds of companies, reducing hardware, maintenance and administration costs.

Customized and Scalable

System 100% adapted to your processes and designed to scale at the same speed as your business needs. . It is designed to drive business innovation by enabling users to utilize today’s most modern and emerging technologies.

Our system gives your company the scalability it needs to quickly adapt to changing business needs, and can evolve from simpler solutions to more complex applications as your processing, storage and backup needs grow.

Optimization of resources and time

With a system in the cloud you can direct the efforts of your technical staff, previously dedicated to server maintenance tasks, to tasks that provide greater value to your business, increasing the productivity of your team.

Support and Maintenance

Support to quickly and efficiently resolve any eventuality in the system, with continuous updates and revisions. Being Cloud allows reducing costly investments in infrastructure, maintenance and purchase of software licenses. These costs are replaced by a monthly payment for consumption without the need for a large investment.


All our solutions are designed to integrate with existing systems to facilitate process automation. Easily integrated with proprietary and third-party applications through webservices.

User experience

Our management software is designed for the best possible user experience, with an intuitive, agile and dynamic interface, making for an effective and fast learning curve.

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Consultants and Developers Specializing in Oracle Technology

The products developed for different industries are a true reflection of our culture, results-oriented agile methodology and the effective partnerships we build with each client.


We will start by getting to know all your business processes, including goals, current and future challenges. It is key in managing large, long-term agile projects to know exactly what you want and need from survey to ERP go-live. The end result is fine-grained project planning.

Development and Customization

Building a customized system involves incorporating and adapting the different modules to adapt our ERP to our clients’ current processes. This stage is managed by a team of software professionals, a project manager, a business analyst and quality control engineers.


Once the detected adaptations are developed and seamlessly integrated with the existing business processes of the business, data is migrated and users are trained. Our support team is always available before, during and after the implementation and start-up of Inthegra ERP.

Our products

At Inthegra we provide products to several industries

ERP Suite

Management software for SMEs and Retail sector.


Comprehensive solution for the coordination and efficient management of multiple sales channels.


Management software for Social Security, Prepaid, Home Hospitalization, Occupational Medicine and Medical Emergencies.


Management software for financial institutions: Credit, loan and credit card issuers.