Retail Management Software

Our Retail Management software solutions help streamline operations, optimizing and streamlining processes, increasing margins, improving customer relationships and the bottom line.

Technology will be the one to help you in the digital transformation process, and having a platform of solutions is the key to success, our exclusive Retail software has the tools to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Special solutions for this area

Invoicing and payments

Billing is the last link in the customer’s buying process, but it is the most important. Our solutions streamline the billing process and keep customers satisfied at every step of the transaction.

Inventory and stock management

Real-time updated stock control, sensors can be adopted to improve storage, receipt and dispatch operations. Total, partial and cyclic inventory management, to avoid costly overstocking and backordering errors.

Suppliers and customers

It allows your organization to keep data, history and contact information for each supplier and customer in one place, you can keep the information accurate and up to date.

Order management

Streamline the sales process, efficiently fulfill customer orders, leverage purchase histories to sell relevant products to existing customers, quickly track orders.

Integrations with third parties

Our solution is a system designed to integrate with e-commerce platforms that your organization already has in place, including APPs, which can be implemented in supply chains, among others.

Real-time reporting

At any time, in any place and using any device, it allows us to have a volume of vital business information available in an agile way.

Points of sale

Innovators Integrating your customers’ real-world experiences with in-store, touch-screen, keypad terminals, agile operations and flexible payment methods.

Margin optimization

Commercial segmentations by customer group; simulation and creation of sales rates that guarantee the right price at the right time.


It allows you to manage logistics by optimizing the performance of each vehicle in your fleet, ensuring maximum safety, productivity and efficiency throughout the life cycle of the goods to their final destination.

Internet Of Things

As IoT becomes more common in the wholesale and retail industries, organizations can use sensors to improve warehouse operations, transportation, equipment monitoring and inventory management. But if IoT components don’t communicate with management software, they can cause more problems than they solve. Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced with IoT integrations, ensuring that all your technology is connected and working in sync.

Updated products

Connected infrastructure designed to modify in real time the description of products by size, colors, styles, prices, promotions, offers and other features to be reflected in all channels.

Integral design plan

Building our RETAIL ERP involvesthe alignment of many processes, such as integration with existing platforms, data migration, infrastructure building and business continuity.

That’s why we create a comprehensive, scalable and efficient design plan for each client’s unique business needs.

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