Inthegra ERP Logistics

We bring to life unique developments for each sector based on the success story of our customers and our experience. We create modern solutions so that your products and services are optimized for the future.

Our team of professionals creates valuable systems for the logistics sector, with a robust architecture of solutions, with complete designs, creating detailed requirements and accompanying the supply chain that plans, stores, implements and controls the efficient and effective flow of products, services and information between the point of origin and the point of consumption, in order to satisfy the customer, providing maintenance and support in an efficient manner.

Special solutions for this area

One platform. Infinite capabilities.
Integration with Google Maps.
Traceability of orders.
24/7 self-service portal

Process vision

The product or service must be available at the exact moment when consumers require it, since customers do not decide their purchases based only on price and quality, but also on availability and delivery times. With our Inthegra Logistics management system, you can optimize your logistics and distribution processes as a single platform with infinite capabilities.

Intelligent logistics

Being integrated with Google Maps allows you to optimize the route by zone, line or distribution center so you can define more efficient routes including pickups, deliveries, priority customers and delivery schedules.

  • Order management and routing through Google Maps.
  • More efficient route visualization provided by Google Maps.
  • Mapping of dangerous areas with Google Maps.
  • Possibility of shipment or pick up in branch.

Integrated logistics processes

Efficient management of the movement and storage of goods and the flow of resources, with a measurable improvement in management. This will allow your company to obtain

  • Shorter delivery times
  • Possibility of offering more competitive prices
  • Higher Product Quality

Tracking system

Allows real-time monitoring of carriers via GPS on smartphones. Promotes constant information exchange between the carrier, the logistics department and the end customer.

Command panel

It generates statistical information with views by product, task, and pending and completed shipments, or other management concepts. The Dashboard gives information on Stock, Warehouse usage, and Productivity.


It allows to establish a direct correspondence between the physical flow of goods and the flow of information associated with it. Helping the company to identify critical points in the supply chain in order to solve incidents and gain in productivity and increase the service offered. Improving consumer confidence in the purchase of products and services.

Our solutions will allow you to improve your processes, focusing on better results and fewer errors. Through Inthegra Logistics, which is 100% customizable, where you can: define, measure, analyze, improve and control all your processes.

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