Occupational Medicine

Integral system for the management of Companies Specializing in Occupational Medicine and Occupational Medicine

Inthegra Occupational Medicine supports companies specialized in occupational medicine in the optimization and management of their internal processes.

The system allows managing and administrating in an efficient way all the information of its clients about absenteeism, expertise and medical history of its employees, in a fast and safe way through the members’ self-management portal, guaranteeing an excellent service.

Simplify operations and processes

The system allows you to document, manage, organize and elaborate all the information of your company and customers in a single online platform, optimizing your company’s processes.

Provide a personalized service to the customer

Through the self-management web portal, your customers can easily and quickly access the system to view the summary, status of requests made, absenteeism and test results of their employees and request shifts. This will allow you to provide a more efficient service to your customers.

Smoother and more dynamic interaction with the customer

Through the customer self-management web portal, you will be able to have a more efficient communication with the customer, being able to manage and upload all the information in real time.


Shift Management

Pre-occupational and post-occupational exams appointment management.
Appointment request through the web portal for clients.

Medical History

Generation of online medical report for each employee.
Access to the medical history of each employee through the client’s web portal.

Absence Management

Absenteeism and home visit records for each employee in a web portal for clients.
Absenteeism reports and statistics.

Management of Expertise

Charging, control and follow-up of claims in the labor field.
Reports and statistics on expertise.

In-plant physician management

Management of medical information of employees who are treated by medical personnel within the company.


Customer statements.
Update of amounts.
Invoicing based on the different agreements.

100% Adaptable System

The system is customized based on the specific needs of your company.

Support and Maintenance

Our team is available to quickly and efficiently resolve any eventuality in the system, helping our customers to grow their business.


Allows companies to outsource logistics and focus their resources on growth, without the need for maintenance and investment in infrastructure.
Accessing information in real time from anywhere.

Intuitive System

The system is agile, dynamic and efficient with a user-friendly interface.

How we can help you

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