Integration with Mercado Libre

We integrate our Management Software with Mercado Libre so that you can optimize your online channel and save operational time. Being synchronized allows you to keep prices and stock in real time, avoiding manual processes and reducing loading errors.

Benefits of Integration with MercadoLibre

At Inthegra we provide you with the integral solution for your multichannel sales process.
E-commerce + Inthegra ERP Management System + Marketplace Integrations.

Mercadolibre's entire operation in a single management system, reducing operating times and eliminating possible manual errors.

Our management system allows you to work with price lists, manage orders, stock and sales management, ensure product availability and keep prices updated on-line.

Digital omnichannel integration with our management system automates the online sales process and its registration in a secure and transparent way, allowing us to generate the necessary information in real time.


Simultaneous Price Synchronization

The prices of your products are updated bidirectionally in the eCommerce platform and as they are modified in the management system. Managing prices and the creation of combos or promotions.

Simultaneous synchronization of stock

The stock is automatically updated in your eCommerce platform as they are modified in the management system. With availability indicators of the products in stock.

Publication of Articles

You will be able to publish items and products on your website in a simple and fast way by selecting them from the management system, in bulk or as a unit. Each publication contains an identification (brand, model, price, description, attributes, among others).


As there are variations in the stock for security reasons, either due to sales made by Mercadolibre, the management system automatically instructs to pause the publications and in the same way, when new items are added to the stock, the publications are activated again.

Purchase Orders

For each sale made, an order note is automatically generated in our management system with the customer data. The customer data is automatically uploaded to the management system.

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    Special solutions for this area


    It is essential in the integration of the value chain, since today each raw material supplier must sell its product with the necessary information to ensure its final quality.

    Multi – Coins

    The system allows to manage the quotation manually in multiple currencies, thus allowing to vary them by simply changing the quotation, as well as it is automatically integrated through webservices to banking institutions.

    Profitability growth and cost reduction

    The Inthegra ERP management system integrates administrative and management information with the industry’s production activities, improving operational controls at the production level and helping the company to grow with greater productivity.

    Real-time information

    With the implementation of the Inthegra ERP management system in agribusinesses, companies in the sector will be able to measure and compare productive and reproductive data at any time, making it possible to choose the most appropriate management techniques and subsequent monitoring.

    Lot and expiration

    Designed so that you can differentiate the Stock according to the Lot and Expiration of the raw material, maintaining the best traceability and the correct Stock control.

    Liquid Product

    Functionality for sales to distributors, providing consignment of bulk or finished products.


    Management of plant processes for the transformation of raw materials, generating orders with formulas for the production and packaging of different products.

    How we can help you

    Leave us a message with your inquiry, one of our salesmen will contact you as soon as possible.