Integrated E-commerce management

Coordinate and manage efficiently your digital sales channel

Effortless integration and management

Global trends indicate that the real convergence between online and physical sales channels will drive new business models today.

In Inthegra we accompany companies from different sectors in the transformation towards multi-channel, with a comprehensive solution that will allow you to coordinate and efficiently manage the entire digital and physical sales process, achieving greater customer satisfaction.

One platform. Infinite capabilities.

At Inthegra we provide you with the integral solution for your multichannel sales process.
E-commerce + Inthegra ERP Management System + Marketplace Integrations.

E-commerce Development

We develop your E-commerce, 100% tailored to your business, integrated with multiple payment methods and logistics companies.

Everything a cloud service provider needs, all in one unified solution: automatic customer / reseller registration through your branded marketplace or landing pages, recurring billing, automated product provisioning in the cloud, CRM, voucher issuance, reporting and reseller management.

24/7 Self-Service Portal

Your online store for B2B customers is open 24 hours a day, all year round. Your customers can place orders at any time without depending on the availability of your sales representatives.

Your management system
In addition to E-commerce for Wholesale Companies (B2B), we provide the management system (ERP) to have full control of the entire process from a single platform.

Marketplace integrations

If you market through Marketplace such as Mercado Libre or any other third party platform, we integrate it with the management system.

Integration and management without effort.
We provide Inthegra ERP management system that has reliable and high performance experiences without large capital costs without maintenance expenses with other platforms. Unique back-end system that reduces the time to market.

The world evolves with technology,
so does your company.

1. Simpler

You will be able to control the entire process from a single platform and managed by a single provider available to give you all the support you need.

2. Traceability of the entire process

This solution is designed so that you have absolute control of the traceability of the entire process in real time.

3. More efficient management

With this solution you will be able to automate most of your process to provide a quick response to your customers’ needs.

4. Greater control

Thanks to analytical tools through Business Intelligence (BI) you can have all the necessary information in the management of your sales channels, for efficient decision making.

Your entire digital channel process
integrated to your ERP


Registration in Inthegra ERP of new customers through E-commerce.
Customer information synchronized in both channels, with their respective price lists, discounts, current account, debts and receipts made, tracking of quotations, and detailed history of orders.

Ordering request

Increase sales with fast and convenient shopping options. Shoppers can quickly place orders online by choosing items from pre-set order lists. Your customers will be able to purchase multiple products in a simple, intuitive and unique way.

Pricing and Catalogs

The ability to assign catalogs and price lists to customers and target content and promotion to specific segments. Payment options to maximize sales and convenience with support for payment on account, credit cards and alternative payment methods.


Improve operations with a single solution to manage orders across all sales channels. Provide customers with accurate, real-time inventory throughout your supply chain and use automated business rules to optimize your fulfillment costs and delivery times.


Business shopping takes place on the go. Our platform is attractive and optimized for mobile devices that allow your customers and sales staff to place orders on any device at any time. Plus, it increases sales and differentiates your brand.

Easily scalable

We adapt our platform to the growth and evolution of your company. So you can continue to expand your market, without facing operational interruptions.

How we can help you

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