ERP Timber / Marble works

As companies grow, so do their operations. Customized applications can automate processes, reduce costs and increase transparency. Our management system Inthegra ERP adapts 100% to your needs, automating management and allowing your business to grow.

It solves the problems of invoicing, budgeting and costing of materials with different units of measure, facilitates the tracking of materials and allows us to keep track of scrap and remnants of materials for efficient performance of the same.

Special solutions for this area

Billing in equivalent units of measure

Invoicing is the last link in the customer’s buying process, but it is the most important in this industry, our solutions streamline the invoicing process in this area by being per square meter (M2) keeping customers satisfied at every step of the transaction.

Multi – Coins

The system allows to manage the quotation manually in multiple currencies, thus allowing to vary them by just changing the quotation, as well as it is automatically integrated through webservices to banking institutions.


It allows you to manage logistics by optimizing the performance of each vehicle in your fleet, ensuring maximum safety, productivity and efficiency throughout the life cycle of the goods to their final destination.

Delivery / Traceability

It allows the issuance of waybills or waybill; the automatic creation of route sheets; the assembly of delivery and the control of goods delivery (delivery control). In addition, with our management system you can generate the rendering of remittances and consultations of the traceability of the materials.

Report Modifier

Our Inthegra ERP management system incorporates a wide variety of reports, with a standard conception that satisfies most of the requirements. These reports can be customized to adapt their appearance, format, arrangement, control sections, among others, through an integrated graphic tool that is very easy to use.

E-commerce Platform

You can enjoy the Omnichannel of selling on-line, with our Platform the products are automatically synchronized and once the customer makes the purchase online from any mobile device the order is registered in the Inthegra ERP management system.

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