ERP Textile Industry

(Entreprise Resource Planning)

We bring to life unique developments for each sector based on the success story of our customers and our experience. We create modern solutions for the textile and footwear industry, able to control the entire business process, from the purchase of materials so that your products and services are optimized for the future.

Our team of professionals creates valuable ERP systems, with a robust architecture of solutions, with complete designs, creating detailed requirements and accompanying each implementation, providing maintenance and support in an efficient way.

Special solutions for this area


Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock or the production calendar to automate the different processes. Let the system calculate everything automatically. Use routing, impediments and receiving times to optimize the inventory level and avoid running out of stock.

Stock by size and color

Visualizing the stock, by different attributes, by sizes and colors offers the possibility of detecting shortages, reducing costs or reducing production order times. Knowing at all times what products are in stock and what their status is.

Order management

Based on the information of your customers and the different types of orders, the system will make a planning of incoming goods and will detect when it is necessary to place orders according to the most demanded sizes and colors, making an automatic generation and prioritizing delivery times.

Price management and promotions

Develop in an easy and agile way different promotions in selected products applying different prices, for a determined time, manually or automatically.

E-commerce Platform

You can enjoy the Omnichannel of selling online, with our platform the products are automatically synchronized and once the customer makes the purchase online from any mobile device the order is registered in the management system Inthegra ERP.

Integration with Mercado Libre

We integrate our Inthegra ERP Management Software with Mercado Libre so you can optimize your online channel and save operating time. Being synchronized allows you to keep prices and stock in real time, avoiding manual processes and reducing loading errors.

How we can help you

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